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Remodeling Renovation

Pool & Spa Remodeling & Renovation

We provide the best remodeling services for our clients in Broward and Palm Beach county. For anyone looking to refresh the look of their old and outdated swimming pool, we offer top notch ideas and designs. Just by adding new features and accessories to the pool or spa, you can give new life to your favorite leisure spot.

We also offer to remodel and build the surrounding area of the pool. Why not create a pleasant cover to guard from the summer heat? Or make fun additions like a bar or spa to your existing pool? It is as simple as talking with our designers to remodel your old pool into a brand new one!

Our Remodeling and Renovation Services:

  • Tile Change and Damage Repairs
  • Lighting Equipment and Accessories Installation
  • Spa Additions and Accessories
  • Waterfall Construction and Remodeling
  • Uplighting and Moon Lighting Equipment and Installation
  • Hot Tub Add-ons and Accessories
  • Water Slides Construction and Repairs
  • Fiber-optic and LED Lighting Equipment and Accessories

Pool Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling includes adding or removing features to or from your swimming pool. This includes adding lighting, waterfalls or any other desired feature that will make your pool stand out. You can also add vegetation around the pool as part of the remodel to bring new life to the space. If a feature of your pool is outdated or beyond repair, we can remove it to change up your pool’s appearance.

Spa Additions

A custom-built spa enhances comfort and relaxation to your lifestyle and enables year-long use. We already mentioned numerous health benefits of having a spa. It can be built to be standalone or as an add-on to an existing pool. We can adapt the design to fit naturally into surroundings. The spa can be made to spill over into the pool or made to be a separate standalone unit.

Add a Waterfall

By adding a waterfall, you create a natural looking feature in your pool. The sound and visual of water cascading down is both beautiful and calming. A rock formation with a waterfall is a stunning feature for any pool and adding a hidden cave underneath the waterfall can create a romantic spot. We always use the finest natural stone for our custom-built waterfalls in Broward and Palm Beach county.

Hot Tub Additions

Hot tubs are a great add-on that offers plenty of benefits and zero drawbacks. They are great for relaxation and anti-stress after a long day at work. They can be used for warm water therapy (hydrotherapy), which gives them a medicinal value for tense muscles. It can be great to relieve users from fatigue, sleep deprivation, muscle and back pain and stress, just to name a few.

Change Your Tile

With our choice of swimming pool tiles, you are sure to find a design that will leave a lasting impression to friends and guests. Our high-quality ceramic tiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Tiles can have different texture and color so that our clients can match them with other objects on the property or create a unique style that will make a statement on its own. Tiles are the foundation for a luxurious looking swimming pool.

Water Slides

We can easily turn your swimming pool into a mini water park just by adding a water slide. Providing loads of fun for both children and adults alike, water slides are sure to provide many hours of fun. We offer water slides in many styles and usually consult with the clients so that the water slide follows the shape of the pool and surrounding area. They can be straight, curved or feature unique turns and slopes. All of our water slides are made by following strict safety protocols.

Lighting Extras

Since most owners enjoy using their pools at night, it is an absolute necessity to have adequate lighting for both ease of use and safety in the dark. We design lighting elements according to pool shape, size and position on the property. It is also important to take the space surrounding the pool into account in order to position lighting appropriately for maximum light dispersion and efficiency.

Fiber Optic & LED

As a company that uses the latest tech, we pride ourselves on using fiber optic and LED lighting equipment and components. These modern lighting options offer superior efficiency and performance when compared to older, conventional lighting. Fiber optic cables allow for more flexibility during the building phase as they can be positioned without restriction to form any type of desired light projection pattern. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, have already proven to be the best possible source of light, with incredible efficiency and powerful performance per watt. They perform without heat or loss of energy, making them desirable for long term use.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting gives off a soft, natural light effect that mimics moonlight. It is usually positioned atop pergolas, trees or overhanging eaves to cast a nice glow to the surrounding area. This style of lighting is an effective way to light up a wide area without being glaring or intrusive.


Let our professional lighting services cast a beautiful glow in your pool and increase your peaceful ambiance. Appropriately installed lighting can influence the mood and dramatically change the look of natural walls, utility objects, decks and even the space around swimming pools. Good lighting can be a point of elegance when designed in harmony with the surroundings.

Need Swimming Pool Renovation for a Leaking Pool?

Changing the Pump

Whether you’re looking to install a high-efficiency pump or just want to upgrade your existing pump, we offer premium solutions to our clients in Broward and Palm Beach counties. We help you to select the right pump for your pool based on its sizes and specifications to ensure that you are getting the optimum performance. We typically recommend that clients use a variable speed pump that can vary the flow of chemicals to reduce energy consumption by up to 85 percent. Any pump we install is certified and has been tested for reliability and performance.

Concrete Pool Refinishing

If the protective outer layer of your pool has been worn out or damaged, a refinishing procedure is necessary to restore the pool back to its best shape. There are many different types of pool surface finishes, but and we mostly use and recommend Pebble Tec and Diamond Brite style finishes. These offer lasting protection and a great looking surface with a premium feel to it.

Before beginning the refinishing project, we drain and clean the pool surface. After the cleaning process, we sandblast the surface to remove impurities and prepare the surface of the pool for refinishing.

Installing a Heater

A pool heater maintains the ideal pool water temperature throughout the entire year. We only use the most efficient heating elements, corrosion-resistant and able to work in all kinds of environments, which provide low cost operation and short heat-up times. We also offer low cost maintenance service for heating equipment. Please contact us for a quote.

We offer gas, all electric or solar powered options, and in ground or above ground installation. Solar heaters offer stellar energy efficiency for minimum operation cost and great performance, and are the best choice for environmentally conscious clients.

Restoration Services

Our restoration services can take an old pool and make it like new again. We will create a cost-effective restoration project for you based on your specific needs, which includes simply restoring your pool to its previous state or restoration and adding new features.

We employ certified professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling the highest quality of standards. Whether it is a liner replacement or a pool refinishing project, we are certain that we can restore your pool and improve its overall appearance.

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