Custom Watershapes Inc.

Pools & Spa Shapes

Swimming pools and Spas in Broward and Palm beach county come in an amazing choice of shapes and sizes. We are able to construct any type of shape our clients require. Some of the most popular pool shapes include traditional rectangle, Grecian, L shape, oval, kidney-shaped, angled and custom made shapes. Free form shapes are also a popular option with our clients and they include mountain lake and lagoon style pool shapes.

Swimming pools offer luxury and serve as a recreational area for the whole family. They are great for those hot summer days and nights and provide not only fun but also many health benefits. Kids love them and they are great center pieces at any party. A simple yet amazing place for having fun with the whole family and making the best of memories with the loved ones.

The Spa offers a relaxing quality and great anti-stress utility for its users. Heating elements in Spa is a stark contrast compared to swimming pools although it does give it an added benefit of stress relief. They are simply amazing in outdoors in those cold times of the year when pools are inaccessible for use.

Commonly used spa shapes include round shape hot tub, octagon and square hot tub shapes with steps and/or with seats if required by the customers. Our most popular product is the round hot tub spa with seat and steps. They can be made to accommodate up to 10 people and offer a great relaxation and conversation place even when it’s cold outside.

All spa shapes can be made to be connected or separate from the pool. Octagon hot tub is often used to connect spa with the pool and can be made to allow the flow of water from the spa into the swimming pool. Square hot tub designs are also great for those moments of peace and stress relief and can also come in different sizes.